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Make sure your tree is fresh this Christmas, choose your tree while it is still growing and have it harvested while you wait. The 25,000+ Christmas tree plantation situated just outside Ballymena is tended by the Scott family and is helped by a flock of Shropshire ewes.

The plantation offers 4 different sorts of real Christmas tree, the Noble Fir, the Norway Spruce , the Lodge Pole Pine, Nordman Fir and the Colorado Blue Spruce. Click on one of the Christmas trees below to find out more.

Mileburn Christmas Tree Farm are a member of the British and Irish Christmas Tree Growers Association and offer good quality, organically grown potted or ball rooted Christmas trees of various sizes to suit any venue.

After Christmas, trees can be returned to either Mileburn Christmas Tree Farm or the Ecos Centre in Ballymena for recycling. We can load mulch onto trailers for use on flower beds and hedges. Our mulch has been approved by the Department of Agriculture for countryside management for use round beds and hedges.

All the care and attention that Mileburn gives their Christmas trees means that customers get a fresher, longer lasting tree.

The Noble Fir, Nordman Fir and Lodge Pole Pine are low needle drop trees and the Norway Spruce (the traditional tree) looses needles in a hot room.

Mileburn also supply the wholesale Christmas tree market, for further details please do not hesitate to contact us.


Keep it real this Christmas
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